Can we leave his dog alone 8h at home?

Although not all specialists recommend leaving your dog alone at home for a long time, sometimes we have no choice and we are forced to do so. Since dogs are very social animals by nature, we must try to avoid this situation to the fullest.

When we have no choice and we must abandon our companion for a few hours, we must prepare the house for our dog to spend a pleasant time still in our absence. We recommend a long walk just before leaving. Do not forget to change the toys every day so that it does not get bored. At your return, we must also devote time to him so that it does not depress.

The age of the dog

The age of the dog is a very important element in this situation. Indeed, meal times and hygiene are very different between a puppy and an adult dog. An adult dog takes his meal only once a day in general while a puppy can take up to four meals a day. If you have a puppy, you can never leave it more than 6 hours in a row.

When it comes to hygiene, a puppy does not know where and when he needs to go. a puppy therefore needs more rides than an adult dog. Therefore, if you leave your puppy alone for 8 hours, you can be sure that he will urinate and poop at home.

A puppy is like a baby. Since you can not leave your baby alone for a long time, do not do it with your puppy. He is still small and still needs your presence at his side.

Your dog is used to being alone?

If your dog is not used to loneliness and is always attached to you, the separation will make him very anxious and frustrated. If that’s your case, gradually get him used to staying alone by leaving him a little while at first and increasing the time every day a little more. If you train it properly, you can leave it without problems. All will be well for him and he will wait for your return quietly.

The walk just before your departure is very important because it allows your dog to discharge his energy. Thus, he will be tired and will only want to rest quietly at home.

If your absence from the home is routine because of your work for example, training your dog, as we mentioned earlier, is essential.
If you have a break during the day, do not hesitate to visit your dog, it will make him happy. If you also have a trusted person, you can give him the keys from home to take care of your dog in your absence.

The steps to take before going out

Here’s what you need to check every time you come out of your home without your dog:

  • Check that the doors and windows are closed. If a door or window remains open, your dog may escape or be injured.
  • The kitchen should always be closed because it presents a lot of dangers for your dog (trash, food, etc.).
  • Make sure all chemicals are out of reach.
  • Keep your house tidy to prevent your dog from destroying an object you like or hurt himself.
  • All cables must not be visible so that your dog does not spoil them.
  • Provide your dog with fresh water and food.

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