Cockapoo – Dog breed

Cockapoo dog breedYou have probably heard of the dog Cockapoo, this new type of dog that has known a huge success lately.
Today, the Cockapoo does not have the official recognition of the FCI (International Canine Federation) as a dog breed. The latter is the result of the crossing of the English Cocker (or American) with a dwarf poodle.
Puppies directly from a cocker spaniel and a poodle are called first generation Cockapoo puppies. At present, some breeders breed only Cockapoo together to ensure a stable and pure breed.

The physical characteristics of Cockapoo

According to the Cockapoo Club of America, there are four types of Cockapoo: the Teacup toy, the toy, the miniature and the standard.

As for the adult Teacup toy, its height does not exceed 25cm and its weight remains less than 3kg. For the adult toy, its size reaches a height around 25cm and its weight is generally between 3kg and 6kg. The adult miniature has a size between 28cm and 36cm and a weight between 6kg and 8kg. Finally, the standard in adulthood reaches a size exceeding 36cm and a weight greater than 8kg.

As for the life expectancy of the Cockapoo, it is located between 12 and 18 years old. Concerning the hair of Cockapoo, they are generally long (smooth or curly) and do not contain undercoats. This « breed » of dog has the particularity of not losing his hair.

Regarding the colors that can take the Cockapoo, they are endless because all those available in cockers and poodles are possible.

Finally, the Cockapoo is a dog that can live very well in an apartment provided he gets out at least 20 minutes a day.

The origin of Cockapoo

According to several specialists in the field of pets, the Cockapoo was born accidentally. Then, watching the Cockapoo puppies in time, the breeders were fascinated by the intelligence and the character of these little animals. In addition, these dogs have a very low odor and hair loss, which is a significant benefit for families.

Cockapoo’s food

A young cockapoo must take three to four meals a day. By the age of six to eight months, the puppy will need to eat two meals a day. However, we quote these data for your indication. You must consult a veterinarian for more complete information.

The behavior of Cockapoo

The behavior of CockapooThe cockapoo is a very intelligent dog, affectionate and easy going. It is very suitable for a family. However, if you have children, it is better that they are not of a very young age. Indeed, a bad intention or disrespectful behavior can easily offend the sensitivity of this breed of dog (especially teacup toy and toy).

However, the cockapoo can easily adapt to live with other pets. And like all other dogs, this breed does not like loneliness.

The maintenance and health of Cockapoo

Since it is a small dog, the cockapoo does not require a remarkable physical effort. However, like any dog, the cockapoo needs a little walk a day at least to stay fulfilled. He also enjoys swimming or playing with the ball.

Moreover, since the hair of the cockapoo has a very limited drop, we advise you to plan to stretch them from time to time with the groomer. Also remember to check your companion’s ears as well as brush his teeth a few times a week.

Concerning the diseases that can affect the cockapoo, they correspond to those that can be inherited from its history cocker spaniels and poodles. We mention among others: allergies, cataract, dysplasia of the hip or elbow, ear infections.

Cockapoo training

Since the cockapoo is a very smart dog, you will not have to worry about educating him. Just opt for positive reinforcement. However, care must be taken to socialize it with other animals and noisy surroundings at an early age to avoid problems in adulthood.

How to choose a Cockapoo puppy?

The price of CockapooTo choose your cockapoo puppy, we advise you to choose reproducers of quality recognized by their professionalism and their responsibility towards the canines. In addition, it is better to favor cockapoo puppies that are not first generation.

In this context, we advise you to visit, as far as possible, the places of the breeder before committing. This will allow you to observe the environment in which the reproduction is held and to feel if the breeding is correct and responsible or not. Also, you can ask for the results of any tests for transmissible genetic diseases if the breeder has done them.

The price of Cockapoo

The cockapoo knows a very remarkable success and popularity in recent years, which makes its purchase price quite high. Indeed, it starts around 700 euros and can easily reach 1000 euros.

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