Exercises for obese dogs

Seeing dogs with excess weight may seem like fun, but in reality, being overweight can have a negative impact on your dog. If this is the case with your dog, you must find solutions quickly.

To remedy the obesity of a dog, two complementary tracks are possible: physical exercise that will allow the dog to control his weight according to his race, age and size; and diet, which is an essential factor that is directly linked to the weight of a dog.

In our article today, we will expose the causes of overweight in dogs. Then we will show you the exercises to consider to remedy this situation.

Causes of canine obesity

Various reasons may explain the problem of obesity or overweight in a dog. It is fundamental to determine the cause of overweight in your dog, and to do this, we invite you to analyze the following in your dog’s routine:

  • A sedentary lifestyle: A dog by nature needs to be active to ensure his well-being. Generally two walks a day minimum are recommended. The walk should be long enough to allow your dog to spend his energy. We therefore recommend that you always encourage your companion to exercise to maintain an ideal weight for his race, sex and age.
  • Inappropriate Food: Dogs that are overweight must follow a strict diet to return to their ideal weight. However, be aware that « light » products are good form, while foods « reduced in calories » are indicated to reduce body volume. These must be prescribed by a veterinarian.

In addition, always make sure that the amount of food you offer your dog is adapted to his breed, age and sex. If you give your dog kibble, it is imperative that you observe the recommended doses on the bag. If you offer extra food, such as human food or candy, be sure that this is the source of his overweight.

  • Castration: Some dogs suffer from overweight problems after castration or sterilization because of the normal fluctuations that can occur.
  • Health problems: It is likely that your dog is overweight because of some health concerns. If you have any doubt, take him to the vet for the necessary tests.
  • Consequences and treatment tips

    obese dogsWhen you have found all the causes of your dog’s obesity and you know the ideal weight he needs to reach, you can finally tackle the treatment of this problem.
    In addition to a strict diet and minimum two walks per day, we advise you to also begin physical exercises for your dog overweight. But before doing this, we will clarify some essential elements:

    • Do not start doing your dog physical exercise suddenly while he is not used to it.
    • Some dogs begin to suffer from osteoarthritis or dysplasia because of their obesity. Make sure your dog is not in this case, otherwise the exercise will be dangerous for him.
    • Do not practice more than 20 minutes of physical exercise with your dog.
    • An obese dog can develop calluses or pad problems. Always watch your dog’s elbows and lower legs to make sure he does not fit in this case.
    • Program for your dog progressive physical exercise sessions in time and difficulty.

    Here is a list of basic physical activities to program for your pet.

    1. Longer hikes

    Extend the time you walk with your dog to be active, by following these tips:

    • Between 20 and 30 minutes each ride
    • 2 or 3 daily walks
    • Keep the leash soft (U-shaped)
    • Let him sniff and interact with other dogs
    • Show him your encouragement and your love

    2. Leave your dog free of his movements

    Let your dog socialize freely and naturally with the environment around him. This is essential for its fulfillment.

    3. Hunt the ball

    Playing the ball with your dog is an entertaining exercise for you and the dog. In addition, it allows him to move and do physical activity without feeling it.

    4. The beach and the pool

    Bringing your dog to the beach or pool is very beneficial for him, especially if he is obese. Indeed, it allows the exercise of the back, abdomen, paws and neck without damaging the joints and muscles.