How to prepare your dog for a dog show?

To participate your dog in a dog show is never something to be chosen for him. If you want to be part of this kind of exhibitions, you must prepare your dog well for the day J.
In this article, we will introduce you to your basic methods to prepare your dog for a beauty show and we will give you some tips for a successful show. We wish you a very good reading.

Dog training for a dog show

If you know that you will now present your dog at exhibitions, we recommend you to begin his education for this type of event from an early age. This education usually includes two main phases:
Basic training: Your dog must be well educated. He must imperatively know the basic orders, namely: sitting, lying down, not moving and walking at the foot. Your dog must also be sociable. He must remain calm in the presence of other dogs and other people.

Specific education for dog shows:

  • Show the gaits;
  • Hold your dog in the static;
  • Let the judge control the dog’s teeth, ears, testicles, the length of the queue, etc.

All these checks will allow the judge to check if the dog’s socialization is successful.

How to prepare your dog for dog shows?

Above, we will give you some tips to prepare your dog for a dog show:

  • Handling the dog by the judge: Your dog must let the judge handle it from head to toe without showing any signs of aggression or anxiety. In order to prepare your dog for this, often ask other people around you to inspect your dog.
  • The socialization of the dog: Your dog must also keep calm in the presence of other dogs. For this, you must have taken him often to places that are very popular with other dogs.
  • Static Learning: Your dog must be able to maintain his perfect static position for as long as possible. To educate him with this, you can, for example, place your dog in perfect position and teach him a word like « perfect ». Hold this position for a while and then congratulate your dog.
  • Work Paces: Much of this aspect is genetic, but there is another one that we can work on it. Indeed, the speed of the step of your dog is fundamental. This one must neither run nor jump. He must be able to walk to your left with a loose leash. It’s primordial.

Key points for a dog show

The first thing we recommend when you participate in a dog show is to know the breed of your dog. You must also be able to be critical towards the latter.
To keep your dog busy all day long and not get tired quickly, we advise you to take a crate with you where he can rest quietly when not in use.
When preparing your dog for a dog show, do it daily for a short time. Generally, 10 minutes are sufficient.

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