How to prolong the life of your dog?

Being responsible for a dog requires commitment and significant involvement on the part of the master. In fact, a dog needs special attention as to his care, maintenance, feeding from his birth, but above all he needs a sincere love throughout life. It is obvious that a master will never hurt his dog, but sometimes he can hurt him without being aware of it.

In our article today, we will introduce 10 tips that you must keep in mind as a dog owner to ensure a long life for your pet.
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1. A qualitative and balanced food for his dog

A dog’s diet is the basis of everything that can be done to him because it directly affects his health and well-being. Giving balanced food to your dog is essential to ensure good health and avoid nutritional deficiencies that can be harmful to his body.

However, the diet you offer your dog should be adapted to his breed, age, sex and lifestyle. Offer him the quantities necessary for his development. You must also always offer your dog fresh, clean water.

You should also note that some foods that are very beneficial to human health can be very dangerous or even deadly to dogs. Among these, we mainly mention onions, chocolate and grapes that can be toxic for a dog.

2. Why and how to clean a dog’s teeth?

Dogs, like humans, require impeccable oral hygiene to prevent serious dental diseases such as abscesses, inflammation, infections and others.
It is therefore recommended to brush your dog’s teeth daily as we would do for ourselves.

3. Brush your dog every day

To maintain the coat of a dog, with short or long hairs for that matter, it is certainly necessary to brush it daily. Brushing your dog’s hair removes dirt and dust and also detangles hair.

In addition, this practice will allow you to identify the potential existence of parasite and intensify the connection you have with your dog. Indeed, the brushing is a moment appreciated by the dog because it relaxes it and moreover, it has your attention.

Finally, it is necessary to guarantee regular baths to your dog to maintain his healthy and clean skin. Schedule baths at a frequency of one bath every 2 to 3 months. Your dog does not need more. Opt instead for specific products for dogs.

4. Physical exercise for dogs

A dog must be able to exercise every day to ensure a good expenditure of energy to reduce anxiety and stress and contribute to its development.
This is a key element in ensuring a healthy, long and balanced life for your dog. Therefore, we advise you to take at least two walks a day for your dog.

5. Mental stimulation exercise for dogs

Mental simulation is often overlooked by dog ​​masters. Yet, it is at least as important as physical exercise.

In fact, you must provide your dog with a variety of toys such as smart toys or skill games to keep him healthy, develop his cognitive senses and improve his overall well-being.

6. Provide a clean and positive environment

We recommend that you always maintain your house with natural products so as not to disturb your dog’s sense of smell. In addition, you must give him the example to follow while being calm and quiet.

7. Deworm his dog

Whether inside or outside your dog’s body, you must make sure no part is there. To do this, establish a deworming program with your veterinarian and follow it to the letter.

8. Visit the veterinarian regularly

We advise you to respect the vaccination program of your dog. In addition, organize regular visits to the veterinarian once or twice a year will prevent many health concerns in your dog.

9. Dog sterilization

The castration of a dog allows him to prolong his life and prevents several pathologies. This practice also promotes better behavior of your dog, especially if it is a male.

10. How do you know if your dog is happy and healthy?

Finally, if your dog is physically or mentally ill, one or more of the few symptoms below may appear:

  • Tiredness;
  • Depression;
  • A lack or loss of appetite;
  • Anorexia or obesity;
  • A bad coat;
  • Respiratory problems;
  • Skin problems.

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