Is raw meat good for dogs?

We often forget that dog kibble that we know today did not exist since the dawn of time. However, how did the dogs feed? In fact, their master had to prepare homemade dishes for each meal.

Nowadays, more and more people are returning to this trend, that of the preparation of natural and homemade dishes for their pet. This practice is highlighted by the BARF diet, a very popular diet for dogs. In this article, we will explain what this diet defends and you will finally have an answer on whether raw meat is good for a dog or not.

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Give raw or cooked meat for a dog?

In the field of dog food, we have everything. Some studies defend the consumption of raw meat for a dog, others reject this idea because of the possible presence of parasites. There are also those who do not defend cooked meat because it loses vitamins and natural probiotics. How to identify the truth in all this and choose an option?

The first thing to note is that the domestication of a dog (making the dog both domestic and non-wild) has changed a lot lately and has thus altered its digestive physiology. This phenomenon has not and can not change the diet of a dog, which is still carnivorous. Like what a dog would do in its wild state, raw meat is good for dogs because it is completely adapted to their body. The reasons for this perfect correlation are:

  • The dog has very sturdy teeth that can tear meat.
  • The dog has a small and very muscular stomach to facilitate the digestion of raw meat.
  • The dog has a short bowel that also helps digest raw meat.
  • The digestive juices and saliva of the dog are prepared for raw meat proteins.
  • The consumption of raw meat will give the dog the impression of being in his natural environment.

We draw your attention here that the rumor that consuming raw meat for a dog would make it aggressive is totally false.

In addition, we strongly recommend that you monitor the quality of the raw meat that you offer to your dog so that it does not have a negative impact on his health (parasite or other). To make sure that your raw meat does not contain bacteria or germs that can cause infections in your dog, we advise you to freeze your meat beforehand or to return it briefly in a pan before offering it to your dog. .

Finally, in the majority of cases, your dog will decide. Some dogs go crazy when they see a piece of raw meat. Others will not even approach him and will be disgusted to see him. Test and wait for your dog’s reaction.

How much meat for my dog?

Although other items must be a dog’s food, meat must still be the most important weight. Since the dog has a small stomach, it is necessary to focus on two or three small meals in the day rather than giving him a single large portion.

If we want to give our dog a balanced diet, the portion of meat should be about 75% of the total volume of his meals.

What raw meat for my dog?

We recommend you give your dog lean meat such as mutton, beef, rabbit and poultry.

We are aware that giving raw meat to your dog every day is more or less expensive. However, we advise you to request the remains of the meats mentioned above to your butcher and the case will be closed.

How to give raw meat to a dog?

It is strongly recommended to give your dog raw fresh meat, but you can also offer frozen meat if you thaw it at room temperature.

Chopping the meat is not necessary, cutting it into pieces is enough.