Natural tips against bad breath in dogs

As the master of a dog, you must have noticed at least once that your dog’s breath is unpleasant. This little hygienic problem is called « halitosis ». Although some people are not disturbed by the bad breath of their dog, you should know that this inconvenience can be the source of other health problems if it lasts in time. In fact, bad breath means an accumulation of bacteria in the dog’s mouth, and the mouth is the starting point of the digestive system.

In our article today, we will present some natural tips against halitosis of dogs. These are effective ways against this problem and do not require a lot of money or time.

Natural solutions against bad breath of the dog

In order to solve the problem of unpleasant breath in dogs, we advise the following ways:

  • Offer quality water to your dog;
  • Offer quality kibble to your dog;
  • Give parsley to your dog;
  • Give cider vinegar to your dog;
  • Favor vegan rewards for your dog like carrots, pears, etc;
  • Clean your dog’s teeth properly;
  • Always clean the bowl of your dog.

Offer quality water to your dog

Like humans, dogs need to drink a lot of water to keep their bodies running. And since you do not like drinking poor quality water because of the balance of its components, cleanliness, appearance, etc., do the same for your pet. It’s your job to give him « good » water for his body to function properly.

The dog’s diet

The dog's dietIt is obvious that the food you give your dog has a direct impact on his breath. If you opt for quality kibble, it will reflect on your dog’s mouth. Indeed, quality kibble plays an important role in cleaning the dog’s teeth. These allow less cumulation of tartar in the dog’s teeth.

Moreover, if you want to change the diet of your dog by replacing the dog food by home-made food, you will observe a great improvement of his breath. However, you must follow the advice of a specialist in this case to avoid nutritional deficiencies.

To conclude this paragraph, choosing a natural, balanced and healthy diet consisting of quality ingredients for your dog will help make your dog’s breath much better. In addition, we recommend that you include raw bones in your dog’s food because they will allow him to remove pieces of food stuck between his teeth.


Parsley is an inexpensive food, but very effective against bad breath in dogs. If you want to use it, do not hesitate to chop it lightly and incorporate it into your dog’s food. However, if you can not conceal it in your dog’s kibble, we offer another alternative: you can prepare an infusion by boiling parsley in the water. This infusion, then you can either offer it to your dog as a drink, or make a spray and spray it into your dog’s mouth just after brushing his teeth.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has an incredible ability to neutralize unpleasant breath in dogs. You can use it by incorporating a few drops of it into your dog’s meal or drink. However, your dog must get used to the strong taste of apple vinegar. That’s why you have to give it at first in very small quantities and then gradually increase it.

Vegan Awards

To reward your dogs, favor natural products rather than those that are industrial. Indeed, give a carrot to his dog will bring him many vitamins and it will avoid the accumulation of tartar in his teeth. You can also give him an apple, a pear or even celery!

Oral hygiene of the dog

As with humans, good tooth cleaning is fundamental to good oral health, avoiding tartar and bad breath. It is better to make this practice a daily routine and get used to it at a very young age.

You can use either a toothbrush or your fingers, both ways are possible. We also recommend making a natural, homemade toothpaste by mixing half a spoonful of baking soda with a spoon of water.

Finally, always clean your dog’s bowl every time he finishes his meal. It is a basic hygienic measure.

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