Pride of Russia Dobrinya

PoR Dobrinya – History

PoR DobrinyaPride of Russia Dobrinya was born 20.03.2014 from the famous father Pride of Russia Sidor and very nice bloodline mother Pride of Russia Quirina.

He was the biggest male from the litter. And after he became an adult his weight reached 50 kg and hight 73 cm.

Dobrinya always was a favorite in the dog shows rings. Judges love him, and Dobrinya built a large fun club of his lovers from people.
He has a very pleasant power and energy. When he look at you – this is not just a dog’s eyes – he is like a human.
He has a very deep soul and a very nice character.
He has all work tests for dobermann. His bite work is amazing.
But, he is very hospitable with people who are friends of family.
Many people come to Dobrinya’s home for friendship and make a photos.

Dobrinya has a very nice genetic and his progeny already are a champions of many countries. He conveys his personality type, improves breed qualities both in the exterior and in character.

Dobrinya became an Interchampion at 2,5 y.o.
2015 – he was in final on IDC 2015 and got the 3rd place under the very strong judgment.
2016, when he was 2 y.o. Dobrinya became a Vice World Champion in Moscow with a very strong rivalry.
After 3 months, at the September 2016 he won the IDC2016 Champion class – the strongest class of this show. And only the lack of a ztp – prevented him from becoming a sieger. People, who was there remember this story very well. He became a vice sieger of this international show.
Dobrinya is alive legend of the dobermann world.


  • InterChampion;
  • IDC 2015 Final 3ex. Junior Class (Pierluigi Pezzano);
  • IDC 2016 Winner Champion Class;
  • Vice World Champion 2016;
  • IDC 2017 Final 3ex. Working Class;
  • Multi Champion;
  • Champion of Russia;
  • Champion of Belarus;
  • Champion of Lithuania;
  • Champion of Lithuania Dobermann Club;
  • Champion of Club Russia;
  • Show Russia Winner;
  • Junior Champion Russia;
  • J.Ch.Eurasia 1,2,4 x Champion RKF (Russian Kinology Federation);
  • 6 CACIB (Certificate of Aptitude for International Champion of Beauty);
  • R.CACIB (WDS 2016) (Reserve CACIB);
  • 23 CAC (Certificate of Aptitude to the National Beauty Contest);
  • 13 BOB (Best of Breed);
  • 10 BOS (Best of Opposite Sex);
  • 1 BIS (Best in Show);
  • BIGII-2, BIGII-3, 1 vice BIS;

Pride of Russia Dobrinya on work


  • BH;
  • IPO-1
  • ZTP V1A;


  • HD-A (Germany);
  • vWD – Clear
  • Cataract – Free;
  • Cardio – Free;
  • 2016 – No sign of DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Dogs);
  • 2017, 2018, 2019 – No signs of DCM;

Pride of Russia Dobrinya – Pedigree

Pride of Russia Dobrinya Pride of Russia Sidor Fedor del Nasi Baron Nike Renewal
Akuna Matata de Grande Vinko
Sharon is Zoosfery Pimm’s Namber Van iz Doma Domeni
Mo de Stang Zu
Pride of Russia Quirina Grand Mollis Armani Teraline Indigo
Sant Kreal Monna Liza
Nayada iz Slavnoi Stai Pimm’s Namber Van iz Doma Domeni
U’wembly iz Slavnoi Stai