Should we punish his dog?

Although dogs do not always behave appropriately, and sometimes they can do little nonsense, we can not scold them. Indeed, this act is in no way an effective solution and will never work to commit the unwanted behavior. All the problems of behavior in a dog have as their origin a disturbance in the needs of the first necessity of the dog.

However, be aware that your dog is not the only one not to listen to you all the time or to behave inappropriately from time to time, all other dog owners are in the same situation as you.

We invite you to continue reading this article to find out what actions you should take when your dog behaves inappropriately.

Scolding his dog is a serious mistake

Understanding a dog’s attitude and natural communication is not an obvious task, especially when the dog has behaved inappropriately. Yet the expressions and sounds a dog utters are usually indicative of many things. We will give you an example.

If your dog grumbles, he wants to give you the following message: « I want you to leave me alone ». If you punish or yell in this case, you will make a very serious mistake. He could make you understand the next time by becoming more aggressive.

If the upheavals of your dog’s behavior are common, you should never punish or scold him. Indeed, the anxiety of the separation, the fear, the phobia are normal behaviors in a dog but which require, all the same, the evaluation of a professional. If you punish a dog that suffers from the worries just mentioned, you will only aggravate his problem by making him more nervous and anxious.

If, for example, you notice that your dog’s ears are drooping, that his tail is between his legs, or that he is running away from you, that would mean that you scare him.

Moreover, never hit a dog, it is an animal abuse. You must behave with your dog as you will do with your own child. If he is ill or feels bad, you must bring him back to see a specialist. If you do not agree with what has just been explained, we advise you never to adopt an animal as noble and faithful as a dog.

How to deal with inappropriate behavior of your dog?

If you notice that your dog has inappropriate behavior on a regular basis, we recommend that you consult a dog behavior specialist. Depending on the attitude and habits of the dog, the specialist can set guidelines to follow when your dog has a negative behavior.

To meet the basic needs of a dog, we strongly recommend that you read the five freedoms of animal welfare. Indeed, a dog that spends his day alone and / or does not walk enough will be anxious, nervous, even aggressive.

When your dog is behaving inappropriately, it is advisable to make him do the opposite of what he does to crop it. For example, if your dog spoils your furniture, you must quickly get him a toy to bite and congratulate him when he takes it.

As you can see in all the article « Doberman fan’s », we insist on positive reinforcement as a basis for the education of a dog. This is a key technique used by all specialists in the dog world at the international level because it does not reinforce negative behavior in dogs. On the contrary, it encourages positive behavior based on the « reward » system, which helps to improve the aspects that you want to put forward in the dog.

Several elements play an important role in how to approach a dog that has an unwanted behavior. These aspects include: dog training, positive reinforcement and patience with him, and of course the respect and sincere love you give him. These key elements will have a fundamental impact on the relationship you have with your dog.

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