The Belgian Shepherd Malinois

Belgian Malinois dog

Like the Groenendael, the Tervueren and the Laekenois, the Malinois is part of the Belgian shepherds. It is a dog with an assertive character and particularly powerful during dog shows. Therefore, given his strong attitude and overflowing energy, the master of the Malinois must be involved to help his dog spending his energy.

In our article today, we will briefly introduce you to everything about this dog breed: its history, character, physique, education, and health. We wish you a good reading.

The history of the race

As mentioned above, the Belgian Shepherd Malinois is one of four categories of Belgian Shepherd. However, the Malinois is distinguished by its short coat and tawny-charcoal dress. The name Malinois refers to the region of Mechelen, Belgium, from which the country’s shepherd dogs come down in the 19th century.

The breed of Belgian Shepherd Malinois was officially recognized as such in 1909. However, the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club was born in September 1891. The current standard of the breed was brought to light in 2001.

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois is part of Group No. 1 « Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs except Swiss Cattle Dogs », and Section No. 1 « Sheepdogs with Work Trial ».

The physical characteristics of Malinois

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois is characterized by a medium to large size. Its powerful corpulence is harmoniously proportioned. It is a flexible dog, muscular, robust and elegant. The particularity that characterizes the Malinois is his mask that extends from his mouth to his eyelids.
The malinois
We will present below the peculiarities of each element of the body of Malinois:

  • Weight: The male has a weight between 28kg and 30kg, and the female between 20kg and 25kg;
  • The size: The size of male Malinois varies between 60cm and 66cm, and female between 56cm and 62cm;
  • The coat: The hair of the Malinois are short on the whole of his body and does not require a very important maintenance. Just brush them regularly;
  • The color: tawny-charbonned. Indeed, the hairs of the Malinois are tawny but with a black tip. The mask is well marked on the face. Some white spots on the chest and fingers are allowed;
  • The head: It is rather rectilinear and dry. The snout is a bit longer than the skull. The front is rather flat. It’s the same for his muscular cheeks;
  • The ears: They are triangular and quite small;
  • The eyes: The Malinois has almond-shaped eyes, of average size, oblique with a brown to dark color;
  • The body: powerful, balanced with a straight line of the back and the kidney. He is a very muscular dog;
  • The tail: It is rather thick at the base and of average size;
  • Life expectancy: about 12 years.

The behavior and character of the Malinois

The Malinois is a smart dog, energetic and of great vitality. He is affectionate and very protective. It is therefore a faithful companion for the whole family. In addition, it is a watch dog of the first order, who will not hesitate to defend his master in all circumstances. He is an excellent friend for children. However, as for all other dogs, it must be used at an early age to children to avoid possible overflows.
Belgian Shepherd Malinois
All these qualities make him a favorite dog of law enforcement around the world.

He is an indefatigable dog, but can become aggressive if his birth is not involved enough. Clearly, this dog is not suitable for the elderly, those who do not have the time or the physical capacity to take care of it.

The education of Malinois

The Malinois can go very far in the physical exercises and sports canines performing exploits, but for this it must be spent a lot of time and exercise months of work. So you need a certain amount of passion. In addition, his intelligence, his attentive character and his overflowing energy will facilitate his education and training. You will spend a pleasant time working with a Malinois.

However, this dog can quickly become uncontrollable and dangerous if he is not educated or trained.

The health of Malinois

The health of MalinoisThe Malinois is not subject to major health concerns as long as we take care of it properly. It is a robust and rustic dog. Dysplasia of the hip is possible, even if the Malinois remains much less concerned compared to other breeds of dogs of his size.

It is a dog that has the habit of living both indoors and outdoors, and resists the various climate fluctuations frequent in Belgium.