Why and how to build up your dog?

Just like humans, sport is very important for dogs too because it has a positive impact on health and well-being.

In this article, we will show you why you need to beef up your dog and how to do it on time. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Why breed his dog?

Some dog owners are obsessed with canine beauty shows and are looking to beef up their dogs just for an aesthetic reason. However, do not consider a dog as an object that must be « beautiful ». The main reason for growing your dog should be: to ensure a good physical and mental balance.

Since each dog is different, everyone has its own balance to find.

We will present below the different reasons that must motivate you to build your dog:

  • Eliminate the risk of obesity in dogs because it can cause a lot of health problems, and if a dog is sick, he will be more fragile and sensitive.
  • Ensure a regular energy and physical expenditure of your dog thus contributing to the guarantee of a good health.
  • Intensify the dog-dog relationship: Since you are going to participate in the dog’s bodybuilding activities, a stronger bond will be forged between you.

How to train your dog?

How to train your dogEnsuring a good physical and mental balance to your dog goes through two complementary aspects: regular physical exercises and a healthy and balanced diet.

Of course, if you want to train your dog, you should not sit in your corner, but you should not run with him every day. We must find a happy medium. Be aware that daily walks with your dog (without leash), in large green spaces preferably, are sufficient for the muscles.

If you want to speed things up and doing them right, you can run with your dog on foot, by bike or on a scooter. However, you do not have to do intensive work sessions. A few minutes a day are enough.

The importance of food

We will not stop repeating it so much it is important. Feeding a dog is the key to good health.

However, always keep in mind that croquettes sold in supermarkets are generally of poor quality. If you opt for kibble dog, you must make sure of their quality. In fact, these must be rich in proteins of animal origin.

Alternatively, you can choose a diet based on the BARF diet. This is based on raw meat at 75% of the total amount of meals. It is a natural and beneficial method for the dog but requires a great involvement of the master both financially and at the time level.

When to start the physical exercises?

To start a real physical activity with your dog, it is better to wait until his first birthday. Indeed, your dog must be physically and mentally ready to exercise his muscles and endurance. If you start earlier, your dog would not have finished growing and will be more likely to have physical problems.

What canine sports to train your dog?

You have an important choice of dog sports that you can practice with your dog. But, it is essential to identify the sport that suits you best, that would please you and your dog. However, your dog must have the ability to do it. Do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian for advice.

Here is a small list of canine sports that you can share with your companion: cani-walk, cani-cross, cani-trotinette, cani-vtt, agility, tracking, flyball, etc.

Generally, when your choice is made, it is essential to do progressive sessions in terms of time and difficulty.

If it exists in your city, you can also choose to join a club specialized in the chosen sport to have the advice of specialists of the chosen practice.