Why is my dog ​​attracted by trashcans?

If you own a dog, you have certainly already surprised him in the process of rummaging in the trash. In this article, we will explain why your dog did this. Then, we will expose the risks that your companion encourages by doing so. Finally, we finish with some tips to prevent your dog from doing trash. We wish you a good reading!

Why is my dog ​​scavenging?

Whether your presence or not, your dog loves the bins. Several reasons can explain this phenomenon:

The main reason your dog is sneaking into the trash is his animal instinct. We all know that smell is highly developed in dogs. Indeed, this sense is 10,000 to 100,000 times more powerful than humans. Therefore, this set of millions of odors from the trash can be for a dog a kind of opening of appetite. The garbage is considered a prey that your dog would like to capture.

Another reason that makes dogs crazy to trash is that pleasant feeling for them to eat unusual food, even forbidden. As humans, a dog loves new flavors and different things; that’s why the garbage is considered for him as a stolen reward.

Anxiety related to separation can also be a possible cause of dogs’ love for garbage cans. As your dog suffers from his loneliness, he stays too long, you worry, it will be a way to get your attention and show you his displeasure with what you did to him.

A last possible reason would be fun. It is very likely for your dog to search in the trash. On this point, we draw your attention to the fact that every dog ​​needs to do the physical exercises that are necessary for him. It is very important for his fulfillment.

What are the risks to your dog’s health?

In addition to the cleaning you need to do because your dog has spilled his garbage on the floor, other problems can affect your pet’s health as well:

  • Eating toxic dog food in the trash like coffee, chocolate or some plants.
  • Ingesting rotten food.
  • To hurt himself with truffles or paws by cutting with glass or metal or other.
  • The risk of choking on large objects or foods in the trash.
  • The risk of poisoning (or dying) from swallowing chemicals.

If you have any doubt and think that your dog has eaten something harmful for him, bring him back to the vet as soon as possible.

How to prevent his dog from doing trash?

There is no miracle, the simplest and most effective solution would be prevention. Indeed, you will be quieter if you take out the trash every time you leave the house for example. If this option is not possible for you all the time, we advise you to put your trash in a closet or a lockable laundry room.

If your dog suffers from loneliness, we advise you to leave him a kong (the toy that is filled with food) every time he is alone.

Although prevention is very important, the education and training of the dog is none the less. Whenever you see your dog approaching the trash, tell him no in a firm and categorical way.

Another solution would be to put pepper or prick on the lid of the trash. So he will not come near it anymore.